AllyEster™ EP (Ethyl Palmate)

The Next Generation Solubulizer

Certified Organic. Non-GMO Sources. Formaldehyde-and-Paraben Free.

Emollient. Refatting Agent. Moisturizing Ingredient.

African oil palm

How AllyEster™ EP is Created

African palm fruit (Elias Guineensis) is harvested from organic farms. Bunches of the fruit are sterilized and threshed. The fruit’s outer flesh (pericarp) is rich in free fatty acid content, which is esterified with ethyl alcohol.

AllyEster™ EP Benefits


The allergenic potential of Ethyl Palmate is typically zero percent due to its low residual proteinaceous material.

Less Oily Feeling

It gives body oils and lubricants a less oily feeling for a better product experience while maintaining excellent slip.

Versatile Formulating Ester

With its many beneficial characteristics, AllyEster™ EP can be used as a main formulating ingredient and an alternative for many active but expensive ingredients.

Harmonious Co-Solubilizer

Mixes other incompatible fragrance oils to create unique scents.

Highly Effective Emollient

Hydrates and moisturizes the skin with a unique silky product experience.

Wax Softener

Softens wax in making fragrant candles for better shaping and improving "fragrance waft."

High Skin Absorption

AllyEster™ EP is readily absorbed by the skin -making the product super effective and leaving the skin soft and supple.

Alternative for Cyclomethicone

Specifically for anhydrous gelled products, AllyEster™ EP is a safe alternative to Cyclomethicone.

Smoother, Uniform Product Application

AllyEster™ EP's skin-gliding feel makes products such as deodorants, lip gloss, and cosmetic pencils easier to use.

Applications for AllyEster™ EP

Makeup and Skincare

As a solubilizer, AllyEster™ EP makes makeup consistency blend well, prevents film-forming, and creates a smoother application.

Creams, Lotions, Emulsions

It can replace a majority of liquid skincare esters and is compatible with most conventional emulsifying systems.


Leaves a lustrous shine in hair gel, hairsprays, shampoos, and conditioners.

Bath Products

Hydrates the skin without feeling too oily while harmonizing more than one fragrance oil into the products.


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