Custom Flavor with USDA Certified Organic Citric Acid

Create Unique Flavors for Products and Brands Certified Organic. Non-GMO. Flavoring.

About Certified Organic Citric Acid

Certified Organic Citric Acid helps you create your own brand of flavors and extracts while maintaining your products’ organic integrity.

It’s a white, odorless powder similar to grains of salt with a long shelf life of 3 years. Our Certified Organic Citric Acid is extracted from non-GMO sugar sources. Its neutral sour flavor complements other flavors without having an overpowering taste.

Create New Flavors Easily

How Our Certified Organic Citric Acid is Made

After harvesting non-GMO sugar sources,  it’s fermented with Aspergillus niger. The extracted citric acid solution is then mixed with calcium hydroxide to create calcium citrate and prepare it for precipitation.

Sulfuric acid is added to the solution. Then, it is mixed with water, filtered, and precipitated into our Certified Organic Citric Acid powder or sour salt.

How We Create Unique Flavors and Extracts with AllyOrganic Certified Organic Citric Acid

Adds a Neutral Tang

Our Certified Organic Citric Acid adds tartness without a distinct taste like vinegar or lemon, which may not suit every food and beverage.

Blends with No Gritty Texture

Deepens flavors in cheeses, butter, baked goods, and beverages with expected consistency.

Affordable and Available Sour Additive

Our Certified Organic Citric Acid is more readily available and affordable than other exotic sour additives.

Adds Acidity without Liquid Content

Increases sourness without making mixtures runny in extracts, baking and cooking.

Consistent pH

Unlike lemon juice, which has an inconsistent sourness depending on ripeness and time of harvest, our Certified Organic Citric Acid has a constant pH 3-6 level.

What Other Ways Can Our Certified Organic Citric Acid Be Used?

Curdle Milk with No Overpowering Flavors

Create cheese such as ricotta and paneer without a lemony or vinegar flavor.

Showcase Fruits and Vegetables with No Browning

Our Certified Organic Citric Acid keeps fruits and vegetables looking fresh.

Significant Ingredient in Vegan Baking

Assists in the leavening of baked goods as a substitute for eggs and buttermilk

Preserves with no Added Liquids

Preserves fruits and vegetables that already have high water content.

Salt Substitute for Low-Sodium Diets

Adds flavor in seasoning, dry rubs, and other spice blends for those who want to make no-salt foods and dishes.

Affordable Emulsifier in Baking and Ice Cream Making

Our Certified Organic Citric Acid prevents ice cream sauce crystallization and fat separation in ice creams and gelato.

Create Your Own Custom Flavors with Our Certified Organic Citric Acid!

Create New Flavors Easily