Organic Castor Oil

Natural Alternative to Skin Moisturizers

Certified Organic Product. Non-GMO. Antimicrobial.

About Organic Castor Oil

AllyOrganic Organic Castor Oil is an inexpensive but natural moisturizer that substitutes harmful ingredients that can alter skin or hormone balance. 

Pressing Ricinus Communis beans produce Organic Castor Oil. This viscous liquid is up to 90% rich in ricinoleic acid that moisturizes, kills bacteria and soothes inflammations.

Rich in Moisturizing and Soothing Ricinoleic Acid

How Organic Castor Oil is Made

Our Organic Castor Oil is made by first harvesting non-GMO castor plants. Upon sun-drying, they split open on their own, revealing castor seeds.

The gathered castor seeds are dehulled, cleaned, and dried to remove their moisture content. The seeds are then cold-pressed and the residual bulk, called castor cake, is organically filtered and refined into the translucent yellow Organic Castor Oil that suppliers trust.


Organic Castor Oil Benefits

Moisturizes Skin

Organic Castor Oil contains up to 90% ricinoleic acid which gives it natural moisturizing properties.

Increase Hair Luster

Organic Castor Oil’s moisturizing properties also benefit the hair as it makes the hair strong and flexible with no breakages.

Effective Against Inflamed Skin and Scalp

Its high content of ricinoleic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing and relief of skin conditions.

Rids of Pimple-Causing Bacteria

Organic Castor Oil has antimicrobial properties that break down pimple-causing bacteria, keeping the skin clean.

Organic Castor Oil can be an Ingredient to…

Skin Moisturizers

Organic Castor Oil hydrates the skin and as a humectant, it locks in moisture with a protective barrier.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Organic Castor Oil can be an active ingredient to moisturize and calm down an inflamed, itchy scalp.

Acne Treatment Products

Organic Castor Oil cleans the skin of pimple-causing bacteria and controls oil by moisturizing the skin.

Soap for Inflamed Skin

Soaps for eczema, psoriasis and other conditions would benefit in having Organic Castor Oil as an active ingredient.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Organic Castor Oil promotes hair luster by moisturizing hair strands and roots

Reap the Benefits of this Alternative Natural Moisturizer!

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