Bayberry Wax

Bayberry Wax

Natural Bayberry wax is an aromatic wax derived from the bayberry fruit. Its wax extract is commonly used in fragrancing products like scented candles. Bayberry is one of the hardest to source vegetable wax. Genuine Bayberry Wax is extracted by boiling the berries and skimming off the wax that floats to the surface. Refined Bayberry Wax is another type of bayberry wax that is processed using refining techniques to remove impurities and create a more uniform appearance.Bayberry wax has a distinctive aroma and is popular choices for high-end candles and cosmetics.

– Conventional Product
– Non-GMO
– Substitute for beeswax

INCI: Myrica Cerifera (Bayberry) Fruit Wax
Extraction Method: Bayberry Wax is obtained from the fruit of the bayberry shrub
Color: Medium light shade of yellow
Odor: Slightly bitter. Having sweet berry overtones. Woodsy.
Texture: Hard, brittle, and fatty to the touch

Key Attributes:
• Emollient
• Film forming
• Skin conditioning
• Viscosity controlling

• Bayberry – Root bark; good for oily skin – antiseptic, astringent. Birch Leaf – Good for oily skin – antiseptic, stimulating
• In manufacturing, the wax extract taken from the berries is used in fragrances and candles.
• Bayberry is sometimes used as a gargle for sore throat, as a douche for vaginal discharge, and as an ointment for skin ulcers and wounds.
• Bayberry contains chemicals called tannins. These tannins have a drying effect on the skin.

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