What is Butylene Glycol?

AllyOrganic’s China-compliant Butylene Glycol is naturally-derived from sugarcane. It improves the product’s overall effectiveness and increases the penetration of other ingredients.

This organic substance is categorized as a diol (an alcohol containing two hydroxyl groups in its molecule). It is a colorless, water-soluble liquid with two (OH) alcohol groups and four carbon atoms.

Is Butylene Glycol Safe For Your Skin?

Butylene Glycol is the staple for today’s natural cosmetic products.

Since the American Contact Dermatitis Society named propylene glycol “Allergen of the Year,” many cosmetic brands have substituted with butylene glycol in 2018.

But before that, propylene glycol replaced ethylene glycol as less harmful. So, in a way, history has repeated itself but with a different ingredient.

What makes us so sure butylene glycol is the safest ingredient to use?

In this article, we’ll be exploring what butylene glycol is and its properties.

Is Butylene Glycol a Natural Ingredient?

The majority of butylene glycol is made from distilled corn. But it can also be extracted from sugarcane and petroleum. It’s odorless, colorless, and viscous. Thus, it’s a popular choice in making clear, gel-based products.

So what role does it play in the ingredient list?

Uses of Butylene Glycol for the Skin and Product

Butylene Glycol is a multi-tasking ingredient. It plays a role in the product’s effectiveness, smooth texture, and shelf life.

As a humectant, it moisturizes the top layers of the skin by attracting water from the deep layers.

As a solvent, it creates a more absorbent formula by dissolving active ingredients.

As an emollient, it makes the skin smooth and supple by creating a barrier to prevent water loss.

As a preservative, it extends the product’s shelf life with its antimicrobial properties.

Butylene Glycol is a wonderful, essential component because it serves performs different purposes, such as acting as a humectant and giving products a uniform consistency.

The Bottomline with Butylene Glycol

Butylene glycol is a multifunctional ingredient broadly used in personal care products. EWG considers butylene glycol generally safe to use.

Although uncommon, it can still cause allergy or irritation to some people. Thus, formal patch testing or stopping its use upon experiencing irritation is recommended.

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